Monday, October 6, 2014

Anything new? Yep!!!

There have been SO many changes in our family recently!!! We've officially moved into our new home (located on site at Ben's work). Kinda crazy living right next to Ben's work but also very nice! Oh, our car broke down and we bought a new one (new to us). It is super nice to have a car that doesn't burn oil and need a new part every couple of months Haha. And best of all... we have a new addition to the family! Little Annabelle Lucy Rhodes is such a blessing to our family! We are loving getting to know her and seeing her and carter interact. Well... kinda. He gives her kisses occasionally and she looks at him like "that boy looks dangerous, please don't let him step on me". There were so many fun pictures and videos I thought a blog post would be the best way to share them all :) 
Annabelle :) 
So happy to finally eat after nine hours of labor
Ruffles :) :) 
Ben's parents and mine came all the way to Rexburg for the baby blessing

Lots and lots of pictures were taken :) 

 Carter is adjusting well! Although, he seems to think all of Annabelle's things now belong to him

He absolutely LOVES the washer and dryer at the new house! Although, this particular adventure will not be repeated... 
This is another new hobby of his :) 

Carter snuggling... what?!?! 

And... some fun videos :)

Interview with Carter

Poor Annabelle....

                                                     Wearing momma's shoes again

New baby :) 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Little Man!

To: Carter
From: Momma

Happy birthday to my little man!!!! Already 1 year old :) It has been such a joy being your mother. I have loved every minute I spend with you! Yes, even those times when you are screaming because you're mad at something. You are my little ray of sunshine. I love looking at the world through your eyes.

In the 1 year that Daddy and I have known you we've learned a lot about who you are, what makes you happy, your favorites, and so much more. Here are just a few of those:

1) You Love sleeping

 2) Bath time is one of your favorites! 

 Most of the time...

 3) You're a book worm!

 4)You are captivated by technology

Skyping with Grandparents

Stealing moms cell phone

5) You are such a little helper

 6) You love it when mom tickles you... unless you're grumpy 

7) If mom would let you, you would live outside

8) You have mastered the stairs (except for the decent part)

9) You are a little stinker :)

10) Walks are another favorite

11) You love eating (no idea where it all goes)

12) You love your pacifier (ever since the nurse introduced you) 

13) You are a little jumping bean 

14) You love your Daddy

15) You have a one of a kind personality 

Your Daddy and I love you So SO SOO so much! I can't imagine a bigger blessing in our family. You are wonderful and I am excited to get to know you even more in the next... well, eternity.

Love you lots!!!!

<3  Momma